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Faculty of socio-psychology

Faculty of socio-psychology was organized in 2004 and since than it has grown considerably with great creative potential in research and development. Today the faculty of socio-psychology has a good solid base: a computer class with the newest technology, a training hall and a study, methodology and consulting classrooms for the introduction of modern educational technology.

At the moment four doctors, six candidates of sciences, six senior teachers and eight assistants, who do postgraduate study, work at the faculty.

The management of the faculty

Niyazova Amina Abdrakhmanovna 

Dean – candidate of pedagogical sciences and senior lecturer in the chair of social Pedagogics – Niyazova Amina Abdrakhmanovna

Sub dean of studies: Yakusheva Lyudmila Mikhaylovna

Sub dean of education work: Doronina Nadezhda Anatolevna

Sub dean of correspondence study: Muratova Svetlana Railovna

Methodologist of correspondence study specialty “Pedagogics and Psychology” – Kozlova Evgeniya Viktorovna

Methodologist of correspondence study specialties “Social Pedagogics” and “Social work” - Sabarova Olga Vasilevna

Secretary – Khisamitdinova Albina Mudarrisovna

Faculty manager of practical psychology and Pedagogics – Veshkurceva Nadezhda Fedorovna

Faculty manager of social Pedagogics – Belich Irina Vladimirovna

Address of the faculty: Tobolsk, 58 Znamensky street, office 237


There are two chairs at the faculty:

  • Chair of social Pedagogics (manager is I.V.Belich);
  • Chair of practical psychology and Pedagogics (manager is N.F.Veshkurceva);

The chairs prepare graduates in the following courses:

  • Social work with specialization “Social work with family and children”;
  • Pedagogics and psychology with specialization “Psychological consultation”;
  • Social Pedagogics with specialization “Socio-psychological consultation”;
  • Bachelor of Psychology.

The following associations help to realize the creative potential of students:

  • Students Advice;
  • Volunteer movement “Candle”;
  • Students’ scientific organization;
  • Information and analytical department “Horizon-M”.

Teachers and students of the faculty take part annually in the All-Russia Olympiad for social Pedagogics and psychology. They also compete for grants and in scientific projects where they frequently win prizes.

During 2005-2006 teachers of the faculty won grants from the governor of the area for patronage of education (I.V.Belich), a grant from the rector for “Adaptation of first-year students to training in high school” (E.A.Morozov, M.I.Chernova) and “Creation of the information and analytical department “Horizon-M” (A.A.Niyazova, M.A.Viltsan).

At the present the faculty is focused on cooperation with other higher education establishments in Russia, in particular the Ural State Pedagogical University and Institute of Social Formation. In 2004 the volunteer movement “Candle” was started by students.

Last year volunteers have led:

  • New Year’s morning performance in the Social-Rehabilitation Center for minors;
  • The Spring Holiday for children of boarding school №1;
  • Repairs in apartments of lonely older people;
  • “The most sympathetic faculty” collected presents and toys;
  • “A holiday of childhood” for children of boarding school №5;
  • A holiday for children “Social Rehabilitation Center for minors”;
  • Educational work among youth;
  • Professional educational work in schools.

Within last three years teachers of Faculty of socio-psychology had won three grants out of four, the sum is 200,000 rubles.

One distinctive feature of the Faculty of socio-psychology is that once a year it holds:

  • An Open Day;
  • A competition of the first-year students;
  • Dedication of students;
  • Festival “Student’s Spring”;
  • Young Expert’s Week;
  • The Mendeleev Readings;
  • Scientific student’s society;
  • “Equator”
  • Health Day
  • St. Tatiana’s Day;
  • Science Subject Olympiads;
  • Week of professional skill;
  •  Hello, we search for talents!
  • Birth of the faculty
  • Last call
Responsible: Niyazova A.A. / 26.08.2009