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Посев научный взойдет для жатвы народной... (Д.И.Менделеев)
Znamenskogo, 58, Tobolsk, Russia
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The History of the faculty

The historical faculty of the Tobolsk state socially-pedagogical academy of D.I.Mendeleyev has been opened in 1979 at philological faculty, and in 1981 became independent faculty. The historical faculty unites the big creative collective of professors, teachers, employees, post-graduate students and students. Characteristic feature is as much as possible early inclusion of students in research work.


At historical faculty prepare professionals from capital letter. Graduates истфака feel confidently in an education sphere, the politician, journalism, in structures of law enforcement bodies where actively apply the received knowledge.

Dean:: senior lecturer Ludmila Vasilevna Ostanina, candidate of Historical Sciences

Sub dean of studies: : senior lecturer Elena Vladimirovna Borkova, candidate of Historical Sciences

Sub dean of educational work and assistant to the department of psychology Natalia Sergeevna Sheveleva

Secretary:Anastasia Valerevna Grekova

Tel.: 22 – 31 – 42, Fax 8 (3456) 22 – 31 – 42

Address: Tobolsk, Rosa Luxembourg street, 7. D.I. Mendeleev Tobolsk State Social and Pedagogical Academy. Historical faculty

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