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Faculty of Pedagogics

In 1986 the Tobolsk State Social and Pedagogical Academy named after D.I. Mendeleev opened its faculty of Pedagogics and an elementary education technique (P&MNO). Graduates of the faculty are awarded the qualification «Teacher of elementary school».

Since 1990 various new special subjects have been introduced into the syllabus - computer science, foreign languages, music, world culture and psychology. Since 1998 the subjects of teacher-psychologist and the social teacher have also been introduced.

In 2000 P&MNO was renamed the Pedagology and Psychology faculty (PPF) with three departments: theory and method of elementary education, general and social pedagogics, and practical psychology. In 2004 a new speciality was added – Pedagogics and preschool education technique (P&MDO). Graduates are awarded the qualification “Methodologist-organizer of a preschool education”. In November 2004 in connection with the above the Academic council decided to split PPF into two separate faculties: the Socio-psychological faculty and the Pedagogical faculty.

Today there are two departments within the Pedagogical faculty:

  • theory and methods of elementary education;
  • theory and methods of preschool education.

The faculty is supervised by Slinkina Valentine Frantsevna, candidate of pedagogical sciences and senior lecturer. She has published more than 25 scientific works.

The deputy dean of studies is Matveeva Larissa Nachipovna, candidate of pedagogical sciences.

The deputy dean of non-learning work – Masur Polina Jurevna.

External education department methodologist – Fedorovsky Natalia Alekseevna.

Dean’s office secretary – Petrov Tatyana Vjacheslavovna.

Faculty programmer – Masur Polina Jurevna.

Council of pedagogical faculty

Responsible: Masur P.J. / 22.04.2009